Monday, September 28, 2009

Titled Film Stills of our Brotherhood

Jon Hero's Legs and the C-40

Patrick on the Loop in December

Ben Hero and Todd Hero on the Fox River

Ben Hero ready for a November Lake Ride

Luke Hero Approaching the Foxriverberg

Luke Hero and Matt Hero Approaching Crystal Gorge

View of the SLC 01

Jon Hero in front of Hero HQ

"Enough with this sunday stroll...let's hurt a little bit." — American Flyers

"Drink a beer after the Double Loop, I promise it will taste different." -Luke Hero


Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome. Hopefully one day I will get to ride with the Heroes!

Darby M.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool, Can't wait til they hand out the Tenspeedies this year. I think I know who is going to win Best Chase of the Year Award!

Campy Joe