Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Rapha, Rouleur, and Post-Card Birthday Gift

This Hero is not very good a keeping birthday gifts a secret so I thought why bother this time around. There is a Hero in Idaho that is having a birthday in mid October and I thought he needed some Autumn reading (Rouleur Issue Fourteen), even though he has failed to send me his address...hint hint. This issue looks to be a real winner with a essay and interview with Joel Santoni who directed La Course en Tete.
The second gift is a tradition that goes beyond our cycling brotherhood. Above are a pair of Rapha Merino Wool Cycling Socks and I was a bit surprised when I opened the package as they smell of perfume. Anyway we have always bought socks for each other as gifts. Socks from Barney's, Socks from Hermes, I guess Socks from just about every designer you could think of. They are an affordable luxury like our monthly shave at our favorite Kraków born Barber in Chicago.

The third gift is not really a gift but some 5 x 7 postcards that we ordered with our contact information for our photography project entitled new catalogue. I will be putting this in the parcel as well. This is one of our models and good friend Elizabeth. We worked with her for one summer on a series of photographs. She really is one of the best models we have ever worked with but she moved to San Francisco. It is much better than the typical business card.

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jonathan said...

1732 E. Warm Springs Ave
Boise Idaho 83712

Thank you. Can't Wait to get my stuff. You are the best.