Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eddy Merckx Team SC and Domo Farm Frites

This morning I woke up to a dream about BenG Hero riding his Domo Farm Frites Team SC on the Prairie Path in the Autumn. I think he is short some Campy-10 shifters and maybe a rear deraileur. It is going to be great to see him on that bike. I sold him the frame in the spring but he had bigger issues with his Lauren Jalabert KG381 to contend with. Longtime readers of Tenspeed Hero will remember his build. What was it?...a month ago. Anyway lets hope he gets it finished so we can see him on the path. I thought I would post of a few pictures of this great bike before they all get lost on the internet. It used to be easy to google search this frame and team but time moves on.

This is a great shot of Wilfreid Peeters riding his Team SC in the 2001 Paris-Roubaix. His epic escape out of the Forest of Arenberg is one of the most beautiful examples of tactical riding I have ever seen. At Hero-Land we would often grimace at watching George Hincapie get throttled by team tactics but now we concentrate on Wilfred's amazing run. Call it acceptance or resignation to watching the various Hincapie scenarios for so many years.

Johan Museeuw's Ride for the 2001 season. This bike had generous clearance. running 25mm Tires is no problem as the front fork and the rear triangle could probably handle some 28s. Another interesting thing about the frame is it has a 1cm longer top tube than the seat tube. So Ben's is 56cm C-C seat tube and a 57cm C-C top tube. This allows you to come back a Centimeter on the stem if you wish to make the bike a little less twitchey which is nice on rough surfaces such as cobbles or the dirt-limestone we ride on the path.

It is funny to think about the Team SC as a climbing bike if you think back to TDF in 2001 or 2002 I believe Richard Virenque had some great days on the Mountains. There were also some great shots of RV Crying which are also memorable.

Servais Knaven's Victory at the 2001 Paris-Roubaix was probably its greatest victory because of the harsh conditions it had to perform on.

When you look at some of the Riders on the 2001-2001 Team it looks like a who's who of classic racing. Even the young Nick Nuyens and Johan Van Summeren were on the team as Stagiaires.

Cretskens, Wilfried
Hoste, Leif
Merckx, Axel
Museeuw, Johann
Vandenbroucke, Frank
Knaven, Servais
Van Bon, Leon
Kashechkin, Andrej
Koerts, Jans
Wilfried Peeters

Nuyens, Nick
Van Summeren, Johan

The Team SC later turned into the Premium. At Hero-Land there is a debate as to whether the Kodak Team bike is hideous or stunning. It is kind of interesting to see the colors that get exported to other countries.

Gitabike seemed to often get the worst paint schemes or rather just a little dull.

This color scheme looks to have been imported to Australia. The light blue is a great touch on the later Premium. When BenG Hero gets it going we will make a little dedication video. Check out the video below to see coverage of that famous 2001 race. Its about Geroge but the Team SC plays a big part.


ben gill said...

I love how this reads: you’re sitting by the window on warm summer evening , a scotch in your hand, wistfully reminiscing about your ex. getting angry about the new guy who seems to be neglecting her. Sure you broke up with her, but she was so hot in her day—doesn’t he realize just how goddamn special she is..
Anyway, the team sc sits on my mantle above the jalabert’s usual resting spot.. I periodically pick it up and caress it—mapping it’s future. Right now I see the silver cosmos, a mostly alloy group likely centaur, carbon levers if I can get them cheap, maybe those wide old school brakes with the campy medallion luke has on the towny, dark brown brooks bar tape and a narrow sporty dark brown brooks saddle so it will black, deep blue and dark brown with light chrome wheels and chrome gruppo—already have beautiful pre-ultra torque record crank.

Luke batten said...

YES!, If I ever get another we will have to work in tandem to slay the evil-half acre armada at next years Prairie Roubaix. I say they should be Gentlemen and give us a 15 minute gap before they start chasing us.

Patrick said...

Ben, it sounds like you should ask the girl out.
And as far as Prairie Roubaix 2010 goes, start training.

Joseph said...

I picked up the consumer version of the team sc in Paris on my honeymoon (at least I hink it's the consumer version, certainly never been ridden). I'm still conflicted as to which way it's going to go, merckx panto-tastic, anodised black or simple chrome campag...

(maybe all 3 depending on the weather)